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Je suis Charlie

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By Ana Fumurescu Just one week into 2015 the world was rattled by multiple terrorist attacks. Although it was Paris that endured bloodshed, it was the sanctity of freedom of expression that bore the red target on its back.  In an impressive show of solidarity, millions of people took to the streets across France to […]

Swedish government collapsed after only two moths

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By Dimitrije Tasic After holding office for only two months, a Swedish social democrat, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven decided to call snap elections for March 22. Lofven called for snap elections as he was unable to reach a budget compromise with the center-right opposition. In October 2014, Lofven’s Social Democrats formed a minority government with […]

South Stream Gas Pipeline Abandoned

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By Dimitrije Tasic Instead of transporting gas, as was planned starting from 2017, a few days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin officially abandoned further construction of the gas pipeline South Stream, almost eight years after the beginning of the project. This Russian-European gas pipeline was supposed to bypass Ukraine, transporting natural gas from Russia through […]

Victor Ponta is no Victor

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by Ana Fumurescu Yesterday, amid palpable anticipation, Romania elected its new president. With an electoral enthusiasm not seen since the early 90s, Romanians both at home and abroad decided to side with hope rather than with certain corruption. The race came down to Klaus Iohannis, the ethnically German mayor of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, […]

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: are transitioning countries better off?

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By Dimitrije Tasic November 9th, 2014 marked twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event that symbolized the end of communism in Europe. Post-communist societies have hoped for better living standards and democracy. After a quarter of a century, it would be interesting to evaluate how (un)successful they were in this endeavor. […]

French economist Jean Marcel Tirole awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics

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By Dimitrije Tasic Several days ago, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences selected Jean Marcel Tirole to be the 75th recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. This French economist (the third Frenchman ever to receive this award and 23rd non-American) comes from the Toulouse School of Economics and is recognized for his analysis of […]

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