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Authoritarian Trends in NATO Member States Undermine the Alliance’s Already Fragile Legitimacy

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By James Krotz For months now, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been embroiled in a resurgent geopolitical conflict with Russia over events in Ukraine.  Beginning in March, when Russian-speaking separatists in the Crimea region of Ukraine voted in referendum to join the Russian Federation, NATO and Western leaders called the referendum “a breach […]

Amid Crumbling Ruble, Russian Armed Forces Remain Ready

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By James Krotz From Murmansk in the north to Crimea in the south, Russian army, navy and air forces remain on alert along Russia’s western border, despite the 50% drop in the value of the ruble in recent weeks.  Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is under intense pressure due to the state of the Russian […]

Je suis Charlie

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Je suis Charlie

By Ana Fumurescu Just one week into 2015 the world was rattled by multiple terrorist attacks. Although it was Paris that endured bloodshed, it was the sanctity of freedom of expression that bore the red target on its back.  In an impressive show of solidarity, millions of people took to the streets across France to […]

Russian Air Force “Unusually Active” According to Polish Defense Minister

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By James Krotz According to Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak, the level of Russian naval and air force activity has been “unprecedented” in the past week.  Indeed, over the past 9 months, NATO-Russian aerial close-calls have reached high levels.  40 incidents, with 11 of those being categorized as “high risk”, capable of bringing about escalation of […]

Swedish government collapsed after only two moths

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sweden blog 1

By Dimitrije Tasic After holding office for only two months, a Swedish social democrat, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven decided to call snap elections for March 22. Lofven called for snap elections as he was unable to reach a budget compromise with the center-right opposition. In October 2014, Lofven’s Social Democrats formed a minority government with […]

South Stream Abandoned: Who Benefits and Who Loses

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By Dimitrije Tasic Fuels might not draw maps of the world, but they clearly create and destroy political alliances. Putin’s visit to Turkey last week confirms this. His visit is important for at least two reasons. The first reason is that Russia officially gave up on the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline.  The […]

South Stream Gas Pipeline Abandoned

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By Dimitrije Tasic Instead of transporting gas, as was planned starting from 2017, a few days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin officially abandoned further construction of the gas pipeline South Stream, almost eight years after the beginning of the project. This Russian-European gas pipeline was supposed to bypass Ukraine, transporting natural gas from Russia through […]

Hollywood Huckster Appointed Ambassador to Hungary

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By James Krotz On Tuesday, the United States Senate confirmed “The Bold and the Beautiful” producer and Democratic fundraiser Colleen Bell to the post of United States Ambassador to Hungary.  The vote was passed by a slim margin along partisan lines, 52-42.  The White House has expressed complete confidence in Bell’s ability to maintain relations […]

Czech President Pelted with Putrid Eggs

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By James Krotz President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic, the notably pro-Russian leader of the Czech government, came under fire in a speech today commemorating the 25 year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution that split the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully into two sovereign nations; literally.  Protesters who gathered to watch his speech commemorating […]

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